silkie foster mom and hatchery chicks?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by kipper, Mar 11, 2012.

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    We have a lonley silke girl 2 years old and very submissive. She has been separated from the adult flock because they are picking on her. She has never raised chicks, but often goes broody. She is currently not broody.

    We are getting 25 chicks on 3/23/12. Our plan was to sell 8 of them at 1 week old and keep the rest. We have a large house/coop for them to live in away from the existing flock.

    In the past we have kept them in a brooder and not used a momma. Will a not-currently-broody hen take on chicks that are 3-5 days old? She is absolutely not aggressive. Also have some thoughts around filling the nestbox with fake eggs (she is currently laying) to see if she will go broody. Any thoughts??? Ideas?? Suggestions???
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    Putting some eggs out is a good idea, use a quiet, dark corner and maybe she'll get in the mood. I've had silkies adopt babies for me before but never if they aren't broody first, even if it's a very gentle hen.
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    That is our plan. She has been laying for a while after her winter break, so we think we may be able to speed up her usual broodiness.

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