Silkie found out my secret about her "hatch".


i dont eat chicken!!!!
9 Years
Nov 2, 2010
Menifee CA
We on christmas day i went out to find my silkie broodie. She tried incubating twice and both times no fertile eggs. Soo i tried breaking her of it but she wouldn't give
she is stubborn. So at 3 months i broke down and bought 2 Bo's from the feed store. WELLLLLL it has been just over 2 months and she is broodie again.
and now i dont have a place to put her.
I was telling a friend about what i did while i was out with them and i think she was listening to me and this is payback
. I dont mind since its just more babies but she couldn't have waited.
I have 8 nestboxes and i really want to stick some eggs under her from my EE's but i have brahma's who think they need to climb in there with her and lay there eggs for her as she screams her head off at them
. What do you all think i should do?
I'm not really sure what your question is. This link may help.

Isolate a Broody? Thread

Best I can tell from your post, you have two options. Either mark the eggs you want her to hatch and check under ther daily, removing any fresh eggs. Or move her to her own private place and lock her in and the other chickens out. Make sure it is predator proof, give her a nest, food and water, and room to come off the nest to go poop. Many people use a dog crate for this. Or with 8 nest boxes, maybe you can fence off an area in the coop?

Good luck!
I have a broody silkie that I put duck eggs under. I have 3 nest boxes for 9 hens. She is in the top, smallest one.

Two of my largest hens insist on using THAT nest box. It gives her a chance to get food and water.

Just use pencil to mark the eggs you put under her and remove the others daily.

Pen can bleed through the shell and kill the chick.

My egg door opens from the side, so I just put one hand under her to lift her up slightly and use the other to get the eggs.

Good luck!

PS: I had 5 broody silkies and broke 4, this one was just very insistent!
Give her something to hatch.... If there is a type of egg you would like to have chicks from....NOW IS THE TIME TO GET IT>... She is the best incubator money can buy!!! SIEZE THE MOMENT!!! (happy hatchng)

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