Silkie friend & Seramas.


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Jan 19, 2018
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d'Uccle, OEGB, Serama, Rosecomb, Japanese, Sebright, ect.. That didn't even begin to scratch the surface. And as you probably know, there are bantam counterparts to many standard breeds. :)

Keeping in mind I've never owned Seramas, and Sebrights have a reputation for terrorizing their flockmates (certainly accurate!), everyone else generally coexists beautifully. Actually, I keep all with my own Silkies.

Japanese, Rosecomb and Sebrights are all very mean


Oct 12, 2017
High Desert, S. CA.
I tell everyone who will listen how great Seramas are! I got my hen at 2 yrs. of age, and she's friendly with all other chickens as well as people. SUPER sweet. I don't know if all Seramas are like this, but I've heard they are. Mine never gives me a moment's trouble, and she's as cute as you could ever ask for. She's a frizzle. So keep in mind that frizzles need more warmth, if you decide on a frizzle. No one told me that when I bought mine! I wish they had. I have to bring my frizzles inside when it's under 40 outside. But Seramas are clean, quiet, and mine lays an egg almost every day, even through winter.

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