Silkie Gasping for breath

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  1. lishah2000

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    Male silkie, about 6 or 7 months.

    Gasping and wheezing. Starting Sunday. Added ACV to water and put Vet Rx on comb and face.

    Had a turkey poult with the same symptoms about a week ago and treated the same. It was better the next day (breathing fine), but still has odd behaviors. It is my first baby turkey, so it might be normal. Standing tall and looks like it is straining. Wings down and tail feathers spread, like when they strut.

    He is isolated in the house now and will check droppings. Crop isn't full, but not empty. No discharge at this time.

    Presently the bedding is hay, but also use shavings.

    I intended to get a wormer at the feedstore today (in case it was gapeworm), but my car broke down as I was leaving. Not sure when I will have transportation to get to the feedstore. I've never wormed any of the chickens, but also never had any signs of worms.

    I really don't want to lose this guy, but am in a big pickle without transportation and very low on cash. I could probably get something from a pet store, but they only carry dog and cat wormers. I don't think any have the same active ingredient.

    I did try to see if I could get any worms with a swab, but not even sure I did it correctly and I don't have any oils.
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    Mar 25, 2010
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    I had birds with weezing and gasping, eye swollen and nose goop. I gve tylan injectable >25cc in the back of the neck and it only took a few days. Good luck!
  3. lishah2000

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    He passed away early this morning. I'm really upset about it. He was a beautiful, sweet bird and the hens are just about ready to lay.

    I'm still very concerned about the others in the same coop/run. All my best birds are in that coop. Most are just mixes, but they are my trusted broodies.

    I have not added any birds for almost a year and they were day old chicks. The silkies were the last added and they were hatched here.

    His droppings were pretty normal and no swelling around the face/eyes, no discharge. I still couldn't find any worms in the throat, so I doubt that was the problem.

    I'll do a major clean on the coop and run and check each bird's breathing. But I don't know what else to do.

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