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Oct 2, 2017
New Hampshire
I have 3 silkies total, 1 is a bearded and is about 5 month old. that would be Pixie. well Pixie I believe is a boy. he had a wonderful big poof of hair and beard but was a little jumpy because his hair was always in his eyes.. so the haircut isn't fabulous. but he loves it
He is also my first sillkie I ever owned. Well it looks like his comb and saddle feathers, his luscious black streamers from his head and some waddles hiding under all the hair. indicates boy..
He has never crowed. so I never gave a second thought he might be a boy, I was like you so pretty.. so you're a girl lol
Am I right? boy?
don't mind the hair.



And next, my black silkie Lucy. I was thinking girl too, but now I am on the fence.
So they are about 4 months old.
Picasso is the splash silkie with her, and he is def a boy as he starting crowing at 2 months old,
Lucy the black silkie has never crowed, has a little different posture than Picasso. but those saddle feathers I cant tell if they are saddle feathers or not. Her/his comb is much smaller.
she is also a little more skiddish than Picasso, he loves to be cuddled and loved. though Lucy enjoys a good pat she doesn't like to be held for too long

I took a pic of them side by side so you can see
so you think boy or girl?
please say girl I am starting to have too many boys popping up lol




as you can see Picasso has a much bigger comb

thanks all
Lucy looks alot like my black silkie hen Sqautchy. I think Squatchy is a hen although she is over a year old now for some reason she hasnt crowed nor layed an egg yet... Sooo:idunno :lol:
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