Silkie hatched one of eight eggs yesterday ???TODAY???

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    My poor little silkie has been confused about what to do since day one of setting. It's a long story, but what I'm concerned about at THIS MOMENT is that one baby hatched yesterday (day 21), none since then, and as far as I know she has not gotten off the other seven eggs since. So the one baby has not been shown how to eat or drink.
    Should I show the baby the food/water or wait longer to see if more eggs will hatch.
    When should I give up on the eggs and remove them from under her.
    Honestly, considering some of the things that she did the first week and more, I'm amazed that ONE egg hatched.
    Again, how much longer should I wait before taking action to save the one baby from starving or dying of thirst. THANKS
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  2. Hangin Wit My Peeps

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    IMO I wouldn't wait longer then a day and 1/2. Good luck! I hope it makes it!
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    The baby chick will be fine not to eat or drink for 2-3 days, they can live off there yolk for about that time. (Thats why they ship baby chicks when they are a day old) You should put food and water near the chick and mom so when she is ready to eat and show the chick to eat its near them. I would give the eggs another day or 2, some eggs do hatch late. Good luck and please keep us updated !!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    ETA: have you candled the other eggs to see if they have a chick inside or if they are duds????
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    It's now been about 30 hours since the first, maybe last, chick hatched. About an hour ago I did dip its beak in water a couple of times, and it began drinking a lot of cool water. Then the hen came off the nest and began pecking at the chicks feed, and the chick went over and learned how to eat. Then the two of them went back to the eggs, and she began setting again. Hopefully, there'll be more eggs to hatch later, but I seriously doubt it. Meanwhile, the little chick does know how eat/drink, so I think he/she is going to be alright.
  5. Quote:Since it has been 30 hours for the first. I would candle the eggs. If the chicks are through the air sac, now would be the time to help them out.
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    Quote:Since it has been 30 hours for the first. I would candle the eggs. If the chicks are through the air sac, now would be the time to help them out.

    Thanks for the suggestions, but I don't know how to candle. I've read about it, and I tried to do it several times, but I never could see anything. Even if I could candle, I wouldn't know how to "help them out". I really have no other choice but to wait until tomorrow or the day after that, and if nothing happens, toss the eggs. Like I said above, Victoria, the hen, didn't know up from down when I put the eggs under her. For over a week, she wasn't even on some of them, and even then, I doubt that she was turning them. She was in some kind of torpid state for several days at a time off and on, i.e., she wasn't moving herself, let alone the eggs, exposed ones and otherwise. It's worth waiting a couple of days to see though; however, ...
  7. Depending on how much time she spend on and off of the eggs, the development could have been prolonged. If its too hot, they develop more quickly. If its too cold, they develop more slowly.

    I know people who have had eggs hatch at day 26, so make sure you check, and check again.

    A friend of mine is always throwing out eggs that she finds hidden and thinks they aren't going to hatch. She throws them out with the wood shavings from her coops, and its not uncommon for hatchlings to pop up from the pile of wood shavings a week after.....
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    Quote:OMG! Thanks, I'll just leave them out there for several more days. This is all just TOO weird.
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    Okay, it's been five days now since the single chick hatched, and she is STILL setting on the eggs. Shouldn't I just remove them and scatter her nest now?
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    Is she acting inclined to leave the nest and tend to her baby?

    I know you have to remove them at some point, but I worry about killing a babe on the verge of hatching.
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