Silkie Hatching Eggs 24+ Blck,blu,white,BBS, maybe few buffs or partridge

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    This is BUY IT NOW-not an auction-Please post sold in the reply so that I don't get two buyers at one time. Thanks!

    Assorted colors, all my silkies are separated 3 white pens, Blck and blu pen, blue roo over splash and blue hens, and splash roo over blue hens,
    and I have buff pen (but no guarantee on getting buff eggs right now 2 of the hens are broody)
    all are bearded and have correct skin color and number of toes. I started my original silkie flocks from well known breeders around the country. I don't guarantee your hatch rate, depends on the post ofc handling and your incubation methods, but I get good hatch rate here.I ship priority mail with bubble wrap, add $15 shipping please.
    I would like to ship these out tomorrow , Feb 20. Eggs are not more than 4 days old unless they are the extras. I accept paypal at my email address [email protected]
    If you would like the post ofc to call you and hold them for pick up, please include your tel# so I can put it on the box.
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