silkie hatching eggs 24+ blcks,blues,whites,splsh, sometimes partridge


14 Years
Mar 12, 2008
Powder Springs, ga
. All my silkies are bearded, blue ear lobes, black skin 5 toes, birds are separated by color, you will probably get white, black,blue,splash,,and sometimes partridge.I have no guarantee on the hatch rate,depends on the postal svc handling, and incubation methods, but I have good hatch rate here. so no time for chicks this month and planning on a short vacation soon,. These eggs have been collected up through today. I've been collecting between 8-13 eggs per day sometimes I get partridge chicks from my black pen but last batch of 15 that hatched, I got one partridge, has to be some hidden gene in there.
I ship priority mail with confirmation tracking #,and bubble wrap. I accept paypal at my email address [email protected] I have just added 4 pullets to the black and white pens, so since they have not tested fertile yet, I will add extras to make up for the eggs that might be laid by them.
I ship to the lower 48 states.let me know if you want to have your post ofc to hold for pick up, and then I will need your tel # for the box Would like to mail these out on Wednesday collected eggs thru today.No more than 4 days old, unless they are the extras.







Hi Mary, have your buffs started laying yet?
My babies I got from your eggs are doing very well. I've given some away and kept a few and they are growing so beautifully. I'm on the urge to hatch some more but the husband said it'll be too cold right now to start chicks for the winter.
THe buffs have started to lay, but they have no mate. I'm supposed to be getting a buff roo this weekend, so will hopefully start getting some fertile eggs in a few weeks. I only have 4 buff hens, the original group that I sold were not up to par, so when I sold them , they were only a few months old. THey blossomed out as they got older, and then when they came up for sale, I bought back one of the Sassy hens, and wished I bought back 2 of the hens. I also have a trio of buff pullets from Donna Moore that are pretty. I didn't know that buffs were such a challenge in breeding for a good color with all the right specs.

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