silkie hatching eggs 24+ colors include blue,blck,splsh,white, partrdg

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    Mar 12, 2008
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    I will ship Monday 12/06 I can't guarantee your hatch, depends on the handling by the postal svc, and your hatching methods
    I pack with bubble wrap and send priority mail. I do not have any adult partridge, but some of my blue/black hens have the partridge gene in them, so I do sometimes get partridge chicks.My adult roos are from Bobbi Porto, and splash from Sassy silkies. I took BV, RB,RV in the last show in Feb by two of my hens. each pen is separated by color,2 white pens,1 blck,blue,silver pen with black,blue roos, 1 splsh roo over blue hens,and a pullet pen of blck,splsh pullets with black roos I will include the extra eggs from the pullet pen (most have been tested fertile)

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