silkie hatching eggs 24+ colors include blue,blck,splsh,white, partrdg

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    I have 2 white pens, with Bobbi Porto roos and their sons, I have a black pen with Bobbi porto roos and their sons, I have splash pen with Sassy splash over 3 blue hens, I have a pullet pen with 4 black,4 splash pullets with 2 black cockerals, I have tested the pullet pen's fertility, and have several developing in my bator now, so will include some of those as extras. I do get a few partridge out of most of my hatches, from the Black pen, some of the hens must be carrying the gene somewhere down the line. I showed once ,Feb, my white pullet took RV, RB, my black pullet took BV
    I make no guarantee on the hatch. Your success depends on the handling by the postofc, and incubation methods, and take into consideration the weather on both ends. I can mark the box, DO NOT ALLOW TO FREEZE. I do send priority and use bubblewrap.
    I can ship on Saturday. the mail runs 24/7 .
    the pics of the pullets were taken a few days after the show, after they were put in a breeding pen,my camera's battery went out at the show.
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