Silkie Hatching (Updated with Day 1 Pics) See pg 2 for new pics

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    I am hereby proudly showing off my silkie babies hatching. I couldn't wait for them to hatch and as you hatchaholics can empathize with me, the wait is excruciating, but the first ones are finally here. YIPPEEE YAY

    The first one that pipped yesterday 24 hours ago, is the first one to hatch. Unfortunately, I was watching the "Edwardian Farm" on the telly and missed the actual popping out. But came back into the study and saw the baby chirping away. Its a white silkie.

    As usual, my doggies were standing by to welcome the new babies, as I hovered near the bator. They could hear them, smell them and see them, but they were pretty calm about it. Nothing new here.

    White silkie baby flops around. I must admit to all of you, I'm scared of blood, and fluids, so when I first started hatching eggs, I was pretty scared to see the chick covered in a bit of egg slime. But I've been showering love and attention on the eggs, so by the time they come out, I feel a bit connected to them, and I can overcome the 'gross' factor. After all, these are MY babies.

    2nd Silkie made complete zip in 30 mins. It is a Porcelain silkie. I had missed the first baby, so I wasn't going to miss this. I watched the whole thing. It was only 1 hour, from pip to zip to pop.

    Almost popping

    And he's out. Welcome baby to our world.

    2nd Porcelain chick had less blood, very dry and neat coming out.

    Leaning on 3 eggs

    The first two hatched chicks come together for the first time. The while silkie has been looking toward my voice. I speak softly and tenderly at them, and its starting to raise its head when it hears my voice.

    2 out, 8 more pips, and hopefully many more chicks to come. I'm so glad I'm able to be right there once they open their eyes and see the world for the first time. I'm glad it is my voice and my doggies' faces that they see first. With all the tenderness and love in the room, I'm sure they can feel the good energy welcoming them.

    All you guys hatching together with me, all the best to your hatches too.
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    Nice pics and narration.

    And my first puppy when I was 5 was an Airedale.

    Good luck with the rest.
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    Jun 20, 2010
    Always amazing...every single time! [​IMG]
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    Oh my gosh these babies are so cute!!!!! [​IMG] I am waiting on lock down in 3 days [​IMG]:fl:fl:fl:fl:fl Sending out some good vibes your way!
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    [​IMG] CONGRATS to you!!!!

    Goddess [​IMG]
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    Way Cute! I love that dark skin.So unique!
  7. Pharm Girl

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    Jan 6, 2011
    Great pictures! A hot batch of blondes - hee hee. Can't wait to hatch my first batch, though I'm going the less expensive bator hatch as soon as I have a broody. This looks more fun though. Better than Christmas!
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    Congrats!!! I just got two silkie hens so I am hoping for silkies here pretty soon!
  9. Freckle Face Farm

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    Jan 1, 2009
    [​IMG] cuties
  10. iluvsedward

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    awwwww keep posting pics!

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