Silkie Hen * 7 Months Old * Pennsylvania 19382


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Oct 31, 2018
  • Her name is Tristana and she is a 7 month old Silkie Bantam hen!
  • She has always been a fearful little cutie so she stays with me indoors during the night
  • She loves being hugged and shnuggled, and also has a desire to sit on people's shoulders
  • She makes super cute noises and LOVES applesauce
  • I will move very soon and I can't bring her with me on the airplane (I am traveling overseas). She has always been my faithful friend and it tears me apart to know that she will be in the arms of a potentially dangerous person. If you decide that you would like to befriend this fuzz ball, please take care of her to the best of your abilities.
  • She needs lots of love
  • Being such a scared thingy, she needs a reliable figure in her life
  • She doesn't need constant attention but is much more comfortable when around someone she trusts
Perfect for:
  • Any person who is more interested in the companionship that a bird can offer, rather than the eggs or meat she may produce
  • My email is [email protected]
  • PA 19382 (nearby Philly)
  • I am willing to drive several hours to get Tristana to a good home!
  • As stated by this forum, I don't want any money. Just a good home.


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