Silkie Hen acting Wierd


7 Years
Nov 10, 2012
Hello! M eand my family got a flock of 4 chickens 3 months ago, they are freerun in the summer and kept in the barn in winter, they have an outdoor screened in area to go in. We recently added 4 new junglefowl chicks to our flock. The 3 hens just started laying eggs, but one of the chickens, she doesnt go outside with the other chickens, and if we put her outside, when we come to put the chickens to bed, shes left outside.. We usually find her in the corner by herself. She seems really sad. I dont know why, our chickens are very healthy. Her head-feathers wer blocking her eyes, so she couldent see very well, but since we cut them so she could see, i ahvnt noticed any change, sorry for the long post! Thanks!
Sorry, Typo, it sounded like the sick slike doesnt lay eggs, she does lay eggs, medium brown eggs, not very often though

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