Silkie Hen or Rooster?


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8 Years
Dec 19, 2011

I bought this chicken from a local breeder and he said that the chicken was a hen but it was also hard to tell. It is a silkie chicken about 22 weeks old. Hen or rooster?

I want a rooster!
I would have traded you MY silkie roo! We raised 4 silkies, wanting hens and they were ALL roosters that had to be re-homed. We loved our blue silkie, Storm (in the picture with his new mate Snowball). By the way, yours is very pretty....and who knows, 'she' may still crow! Silkies are difficult to tell.
If I were you, I would keep both of your "hens" even though you wanted a rooster. You can often obtain free silkie roosters on CraigsList because many people can't have roosters where they live or they just have too many roos. When you get your rooster, I promise, he won't mind having 2 "girls"!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry I didnt get back to you sooner. Its a hen. If your looking for a rooster then there will be streamers coming from the hat and roosters hats are usually not as full as a hens.

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