Silkie Hen Sitting Away From Flock?

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    May 6, 2011
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    My silkie hen who hasn't had any other medical issues is now sitting on the ground away from the rest of the flock. My kids were out in the coop earlier and I don't know if someone tripped over one, dropped something, etc... because no one's owning up to doing anything they think could have caused an injury, but I can't see any other reason for her to suddenly be behaving like this. I can't find any physical injuries on her, she can stand and use both legs, etc... can anyone think of symptoms I should be looking for? Should I be putting her in the warm/dark for a day to see if that helps?

    Thanks for any information, we've never had a sick hen before and I'm just not sure what's up.
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    You will have to watch her for signs of something before you can determine what might be ailing her....such as is she drinking, eating, pooping normally, is she being bullied, is she egg bound, how is the color of her face and comb, size of crop...stuff like this. She would only need heat or isolation is she is truly ill.

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