Silkie hen sleeps constantly

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  1. Lisa Sheppard

    Lisa Sheppard Hatching

    Feb 7, 2014
    We monitor our chicken daily and they are very active.
    We found her in a corner asleep 2 days ago. We put her in her house with her mates overnight and she could barely wake up. She layed an egg yesterday morning but was still sleeping, so we bathed her and held her (which she loves) and put her in a cat carrier with grain, calcium, blackberrys, and water. She is not eating or drinking unless we give water by dropper. We are so worried about her! She normally hops everywhere and comes when she is called! A very happy girl! What could be wrong? While in the carrier I noticed green watery poop but the only other symptom is sleeping. She will open her eyes when you pick her up but goes right back to sleep, hanging her head. Any suggestions?

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