silkie lavender or splash


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I am thinking splash but hoping lavender

If somebody sold you a lavender chick, they'd surely let you know, and then charge you triple! Spread out the wing feathers; are they uniform in color? Here's my splash chick, for comparison:

Yours looks a lot lighter that mine; could be lavender!
The coloring of each feather (including the shaft) should be absolutely uniform in a lavender. There should not be some feathers darker than others. Photos sometimes belie what you can only tell in person.

My avatar is a lavender cockerel at abou 4 1/2 months. His tail feathers APPEAR darker but they really aren''s just because there are a LOT of them in that area. The shaft of all of his feathers are uniform with no dark spots or a dark line down the shaft that is typical in blues and splashes.
Well from that shot it looks like a lavender.
But that is right about spreading the wings out and see if the color is uniform. From here it does. You go girl.. And no I did not charge her triple. lol

edit: forgot to say.. boy is it cute.. hope it turns out to be a lavender for you. Many have gotten from my eggs.. maybe you did also.
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