Silkie leg feathering?

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    Jun 22, 2013
    Okay, so my partridge silkie Ziggy never developed leg feathers, she is over a year old and From what research I did people have stated "They are not purebred silkies if they have no leg feathering" I ordered her and 5 other SILKIES from a hatchery and she is the only one who never got leg feathering. I recently purchased 2 buff silkie chicks. They are around 2 months old now and i noticed Lil' bit also has no leg feathers! I realize they will never be show quality, but i saw the mother and father of the buff's and no doubt she is a purebred. Is this a deformity? What causes lack of leg feathers? Does anyone else have silkies like this? He
    [​IMG]here are the comparisons between them and their "siblings" I know dusty has a crooked toe, I guess he was born that way! [​IMG]
    Sorry if the images are upside down.
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    If htey have silkie feathering, they are pure silkie. Birds from a hatchery are almost always lacking in breed traits. In fancy breeds like silkies, the traits that are lacking tend to be obvious: wrong comb, lack of foot feathering, lack of crest, etc. In breeds like plymouth rocks, it is more a case of the details of the traits that tend to be lacking rather than the trait itself (poor barring, poor skin colour, etc.) For all breeds type is often lacking.

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