SIlkie lifts legs and has limited mobility.

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    Mar 22, 2013
    Hi all,
    My white Silkie "Moonshine" (as shown in my profile) has had some leg troubles and is very thin. She had very long toenails when I got her from my neighbor, so I clipped them hoping it would solve the problem. She wont walk around on her own often, and when I get her to stand, she lifts her legs up towards her body and then puts them down. (both legs). She also bites at her toes and wobbles around. These problems have been going on for about 3 months now and some days are better than others. She eats and drinks but it takes her forever to get to the feeders. I have to put her back in the coop by hand every night because she cannot climb the ramp herself. Once i put her down she sits on her butt and flaps her wings and squeals. I checked for bumble foot, yet I cant find any prominent scabs. She is about a year and a half old. Stool is also normal.

    Any other ideas?
    Thank You!!
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    here is a similar thread

    Silkies sometimes have neurological problems that respond to vitamins, but I would also give her a feeder close by to her (maybe a rubber feed pan just for her) to encourage eating.

    Thinness can be from worms or other problems, but if she isn't making her way to the feeder that would explain it.

    Silkies have trouble with ramps quite often and some refuse to go up them. The only way I could get silkies to go up a ramp for the night was to keep all food inside the coop and make the ramp not too steep. Also I didn't put the silkies on the ground and made them go down the ramp themselves - but with food and water in the coop they weren't in any big hurry.

    There are other problems that can cause lameness, and I am not able to give advice on that...but if you google poultry lameness you will find a lot of results to peruse.

    For threads on that google "backyardchickens lameness" or something like that. Sorry I can't help with that.
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