Silkie Male... female????


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Sep 4, 2013
Good morning all,
I have 3 young Silkies (I believe born early summer) and am not sure what gender one of them is. He/she has full plumage on the tail and head, and is quite shy and skittish. However he/she does alot of chest bumping with one of the other chicks (which I believe is a male). I will try and get some better pictures, however, he/she is not a fan of being held so it is a little tricky to get close ups. The comb is larger then the one I think is a female, and smaller then the one I am sure is a male. The crest is round and full without streamers, but DOES appear swept back a bit. Any suggestions, thoughts?? Thanks!

It is a bit early to tell (Silkies are always difficult to sex until they get older), but I think it is more likely that it is a cockerel.
Hmm I was hoping the opposite, as I am fairly certain my other one is also a cockerel.... I guess time shall tell. Do you know of anything I should be looking for? This one seems to make a lot of chatter noises.
How old in weeks? The start of summer depends on which hemisphere you are in. Could you get a closer picture of the comb? The size of the comb is important in silkies, as is the shape of the crest.
I will have to get one tonight. I bought them off someone else who believed this hatch was born in June sometime.

This is the unknowns comb

This is the one I believe to be a female...

And this is the one who I am fairly certain is a male...
Thank you for taking a look. I am hoping that at least two of them are hens, if not all (unlikely though!)

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