Silkie molting in the winter?

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    Mar 11, 2007
    My house chicken, a partridge silkie I bought at a poultry show last month, seems to be losing alot of her feathers. She lives in a dog cage and has food and water, but doesn't seem happy. All she wants to do is sit. She also seems to have seizures every few days-she squawks like she's being attacked by a predator, and sometimes will roll on one side or pull her head back. Seconds later, she's fine again. I thought it might be a disease but she doesn't have any other symptoms.
    Anyways, could she be molting in the winter? According to the breeder she was about 3-4 months old when I bought her. Would that be causing her to be depressed?
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    I would add some vitamin supplements to her diet as seizures are not normal. If she only lives in a dog cage she is probably depressed about not having any chicken friends and being cooped up all the time. They are social birds and a outdoor run or some dirt to dust in would be good. She can be going though a light moult, and if so, look for pin feathers. If she is indoor only, you also need to file her nails down as they normally wear down in dirt. For beak care, get a concrete brick and drop treats on it so she can wipe and wear down the beak as she pecks.

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