Silkie momma has 3 chicks, one stuck to her?

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11 Years
Aug 10, 2008
Northeast Fla
My silkie went broody so we gave her 4 eggs. So far 3 have hatched.

2 of them this morning, one yesterday. One this morning was STUCK to the momma. I lifted her up to check on all the babies and the momma's feathers were intertwined around the baby. Basically, when I lifted momma, baby went with her.

I had to break apart and pull off a couple of feathers to free the baby. When I pulled baby out she was limp. She was NOT limp 2 hours ago when I checked on them. (However, when I checked on them then, one was caught in her feathers as well!)She was kind of gasping so I blew some air into her beak and am keeping her body warm.

After about 2 minutes she started to chirp a bit, eyes aren't opening up.

Is there anything anything else I can do for baby or to ensure this doesn't happen again? Does momma need a bath?

Do I need to bath momma silkie?
Im not sure, about bathing the mother.

I was most likely moist when it hatched and dryed to the mother.

Keep the chick warm and dry, and lots of food and water.

Keep us posted and Best Of Luck
2 of my chicks (a Silkie and a Frizzle) managed to get their wing feathers intertwined and I had to pull them apart. They were already dry in the brooder, so I have no clue how they managed it. Good luck with the little one!
These guys were hatched under momma and then I pulled them out and all seemed fine then a couple of hours later was stuck.

I just took them out and they aren't getting restuck, which is good! And the little one seems to be doing fine now, thankfully! Makes me paranoid though, cause I think he would have died if I didn't check on him sooner!

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