Silkie needs new home – Near Half Moon Bay, CA

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  1. My silkie cockerel would like some girlfriends to entertain with his newly-acquired “singing” skills. Of his potential playmates, one is broody, and the other is a tiny buff silkie hen who likes to chase him out of the coop! Although my closest neighbors have reassured me that they actually enjoy the sound of rooster crowing, I’m technically not supposed to have a rooster and don’t want to push my luck with the other neighbors!!

    Anyway, he’s black with silver hackles, and filling out nicely with lots of new feather growth. He hatched (on August 21, 2014) from a batch of paint silkie eggs. I’m personally not familiar with the genetics of paint silkies, but have read that this combination (black w/silver leakage) is often used to get specific results in their breeding.
    By the way, he's free to a good home.
    Depending upon the distance, I could probably meet you half-way. Please send me a message if you have questions or might be interested.
    Oh, yeah! I'll post some post photos a bit later when it's light outside.
    Location: Near Half Moon Bay, CA (just south of San Francisco)
  2. I just spotted a coyote, so I brought him inside. [​IMG]


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