Silkie never layed an egg


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9 Years
Oct 13, 2010
Sydney, Australia
Hi all,
We have a silkie hen that has never layed an egg, she is about a year old. We have another silkie hen that we got at the same time and she started laying about 5 months ago.
I know silkies are slow starters when it comes to laying eggs, but, wanted to see if this is normal.
mmm a year is a long time but they do say thebetter the quality of silkie the longer they take to lay-are you sure she hasnt and the other silkie is getting the credit for the eggs:)??
No, we are pretty sure she has never layed an egg.

She is lovely and a great pet and so we don't mind if she never lays, but, just curious if it was normal for a silkie.


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