Silkie not acting right...

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    Jul 23, 2011
    One of my Silkies seems to be a bit off. She seems almost lame in a way, she dosn't want to stand on her left leg and she limps when she walks. She is not eating very much and is 8 months old and has never layed an egg.
    I don't think she was attacked by anything.
    Plese help! She is my favorite little girl...
    Thanks in advance.

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    The easiest thing to do for her is put her in a small cage or dog crate so that she has limited movement. Give her food and water and watch her for a while. Then you will be able to see if she is drinking, eating enough and pooping in the normal fashion.

    She has never laid an egg at 8 months? Check her vent for an egg. She could be egg bound. You can always put on a tight surgical glove with KY jelly on the fore finger and insert your finger into her vent to see if there is an egg there.

    If she has injured herself, than keeping her caged up for a few days may help. If given the chance and you catch it early enough, if she pulled a muscle or sprained something, it will heal.

    If you see another signs of anything, post it up here so maybe someone with a similar issue can help your hen. Good luck!
  3. leepshin

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    Jul 23, 2011
    Quote:I guess I forgot to menchen it in my first post, her poops are a little bit runny and she sleeps alot.
    I have checked her vent before and I can't feel an egg. She is also small, could that have anything to do with why she isn't laying?

    When I went out this morning she seemed a bit better! She was eating more and walking around. Still with a bit of a limp though.

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