Silkie pair #1--buff hen and blue cockerel

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    Silkie pair #1--- a buff hen and blue cockerel The hen, band #56, is pet quality with black in wings & tail. She will be a year old this summer. Her beak,eyes,feet & comb are light and she could use better toe separation though has 5 toes on each foot. She's been trimmed around her face and vent for the breeding pen. The roo is young yet, not fully developed and just starting to crow, about 5 months old. He has no DQs, good dark eyes, comb & beak. He has good toes and is slightly darker than the cockerel in my other silkie auction.
    Paypal only to [email protected] Local pickup fine or shipping available. I put a good chunk of watermelon or cantaloupe in the box for sustenance.

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    Do you have any Mille Fleur Cochins for sale?
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    I did put a split black mottled cockerel in an auction....unfortunately he was in a hatch that had 5 roos and 1 female.

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