Silkie parents?


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Mar 29, 2009
It looks like oe of my silkies is pecking at/may starting mounting stuff with my other silkie. They are both gorgeous (got them both from George Mihalik), but I hadn't really thought about the breeding thing, and I just want to know how difficult his whole process is. I was going to do a search, but wasn't sure what to type in. What is a good resource for first timers like myself? I havn't even seen her lay an egg yet, but if she is letting him do this stuff she is female, right?

I am a first time chicken owner. Do you think even thinking about breeding is too much for a newbie like me?
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no, i'm too confused to speak.

if they're not fighting then there are 2 possibilities :

1. both are girls
2. 1 roo 1 girl

breeding? i think that's just let a roo *handle* 3-4 girls inside an area, and you're done breeding them.
your silkie will take care of their own they
are known for being great broodys, set up the coop for them a nesting place and they will do the rest. I too have my first lone silkie only one,and Iam loving them I am handleing
it everyday to socializeiti because it is my first , Ihave a doz from CJexotics
in my bator then the fun begins Iwant to downsize on my
Batam cochins.and have the silkies they are cute as can be.
Good point. I guess I should just let nature take it's course.
Silkies are awesome! My female (?) is a total cuddler. She comes up to me ad bups against my leg until I pick her up, then she just closes her little eys and makes the sweetest little cooing sounds. I just love the heck out of that chicken!
Yeah, they're neat and they'll handle most of it themselves. You must handle chicks hatched under a hen deliberately and often to tame them as tame as their parents.

Good luck. I've seen his birds they're gorgeous.

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