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    Jul 9, 2008
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    For those Silkie breeder out there

    How can you tell if a baby silkie is going to have a nice sized topknot without a vaulted skull. Is there a certain amount of poof I should be looking for?

    I have one with a decent sized topknot but as a chick she had nothing on top. And then one who had more 'poof' (the red in the back) who now has nada. I'm so confused right now [​IMG]

    Here they are at 3 days

    And the black yesterday before the rain started
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    Generally the ones with the vaulted skulls will have a fairly nice crest. If you know your birds, you can make a pretty accurate guess on the ones without the vault; but if your flock has significant variation in crest size, then an accurate guess is less likely.

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