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  1. Hi - Okay, i have the six silkies i hatched, then received mypetchicken chicks. Everyone is about the same age. But some of them are getting poo stuck on their bottoms and some are not. All the ones i hatched have clean bottoms. It's the shipped ones (and not all of them) that are getting poo stuck.

    i've been in there cleaning off tiny bottoms and making sure their vents stay open. But wondering if there is something i can do, diet-wise to clear this up.

    They are all 4-5 days old. The shipped ones still have yellow watery poo (from egg yolk absorption?). i am feeding medicated chick starter and water with electrolytes in it. Is it too soon to try them on some tiny mealworms or no salt cottage cheese?

    Thanks for any advice anyone can offer.

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    Jul 1, 2007
    well, as far as i know you can give them a worm to eat at 1 week old. . .but they will probebly be scared of it for the first time. . .so you might wan't to peck on it with your finger so they will think it's good to eat. . .that might work. . .i know to my 3 silkies, watever i peck on with my finger they start eating it right away.
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    Shipped chicks tend to have "pasty butt" more than hatched chicks, due to stress and dehydration. Just do what you're doing, clean their heinies as needed, and it should clear up in 1-2 weeks. Keep an eye on it and be sure their vents stay clean, pasty butt can be fatal if not treated.
  4. Thanks Alex, can't wait to surprise them with a meal worm.

    Thanks Peepkeeper, i am in there checking behinds several times a day. Hopefully it will clear up soon!

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