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  1. To all you Silkie experts, is it normal for silkies to have more of a tendency to get poo stuck on their bottoms? Some of my girls are fine, but there are two of them that are getting an accumulation of poo on their fluffy butts. No one seems sick, so i'm not thinking it's a diarrhea problem.

    i'm planning on bringing them in this afternoon for a wash and blow dry (any suggestions on bathing a silkie would be appreciated). Just wanted some input on whether or not this is a normal silkie problem.

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    I haven't had an issue with this. Maybe it's happening when they are laying eggs.

    Julie [​IMG]
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    My Silkies don't get it stuck to their bottoms they get it stuck to
    their leg feathers. They also like to sleep under roosting standards.
    That just gets nasty. I'd build a silkie coop but they get along
    so well with the standards.
  4. i was able to pick the poo off Diana, but brought Morgan in to soak her bottom in a warm tub of water. She isn't laying yet, so that may not be the problem. i do have my silkies sleeping under my two silkie/polish/japanese/mille fleur little girls, so having problems with poo poo on other parts of the girls, too. Very bad planning on my part. Next coop, which will be after we move up to Northern California in a couple months, will be much better planned.

    Morgan actually weathered the bath pretty well. Just a couple of frantic flights up to the top of my head, but nothing we both couldn't handle. [​IMG]

    Oh, and yes, had to soak Morgan's feathered feet, too, for poo poo. These silkies are high maintenance!

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