Silkie Pullet went Broody today...has never yet laid an egg. ?s


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Oct 6, 2009
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Broody before laying?

My second-oldest silkie pullet turned 6 months old today & has not yet laid an egg.
She's been acting growly & discontent lately, seeking out places to, I thought, lay an egg.
Yesterday morning , the young cockerel walked into the nest box in front of her, made a little nest, clucked a bit, and tried to peck her into it.
She went into it the past afternoon, pulled out a bit of her down, made a bit better nest, and sat, tail raised, in broody position.
Today she growls at anyone who comes near, and she makes the broody clucking noises.
I thought she'd have laid an egg by now, but no, she's sitting on a sawed off 1 x 1 x 1 cube of wood (oww!)left from run construction,
guarding it. She won't let me take it. She's showing the same behavior as my older broody.
Will she sit on the nest 24 hours to lay her first egg & act broody, or is she just broody with no egg?
My older broody did not do this, so I have no clue.


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Jul 17, 2009
I had two do that this year. Dumb broodies. GO LAY ME AN EGG, YA FREELOADER! Mine would just sit on turds or golfballs if I let them.

Anywhoo--the one went broody twice already this year. I think I am going ot toss my incubator and let the girls do all the work from now on. Maybe you can break her, or even try giving her an egg/chick or two.

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