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    Mar 21, 2013
    Hello all, I'm trying to consolidate my birds for the winter and have a dilemma maybe ya'll can help me with. I started raising silkies this year and have this left after raising chicks and acquiring young birds and keeping my favorites from the stock.

    Cage 1 a grey hen from last fall (i blame her for my new found silkie obssession)
    Cage 2 a blue pullet and a "silver" pullet (silver being the daughter of the grey above and a white silkie roo I no longer have)
    Cage 3 a pair of calico silkies (were suppose to be blue, but aren't. They also have very coarse feathers, instead of soft ones, petting them they seem wire like, is this trait passed on or can it be bred out?
    Cage 4 a black pullet, a dark blue pullet and 2 dark blue cockerals

    I'd like to do one of two things: combine the grey/silver with the calico and keep the blues together making 2 pens
    Or if the calico bad feathers would be past on genetically, get rid of the calicos and put the grey/silver in with the blues for 1 pen this winter.

    Any thoughts?

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