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14 Years
May 17, 2009
I was wondering do all silkies get the full fluff on their heads at some point or only some. Ive seen pics of silkies without the poof. Is it because they didnt grow it yet? also can someone post pics of the right toe placement, thanks.
Some of the Silkies from Hatchery stock have very little or no crest. Most backyard breeders are breeding for a nice full crest. Sorry I don't have any picture of good toe separation. But there should be a distince space along the leg for each toe. They should not be webbed at all or look like two toes stuck together. The outside toe should look like it goes upward a bit.
It all depends on the bird.
Some Silkies have a bigger top knot and some look like they have a Mohawk.
The bigger their top knot is when they are chicks, the bigger it seems to get when they mature.
Actually the crest is not apparent when they hatch. It starts to sprout around 2 weeks old. You will see long feathers start to stick up on the head as the down is replaced with actual feathers.

This is a young Silkie about 6 weeks old it's crest is just growing in.
The blue one in the middle is the same chick when it hatched.

If you notice the toes in the first photo, it is not all that clear but they are nicely separated and the last toe turns outward like it should
Very cute Silkie pic ---

Vaulted Silkies will have a slight poof -- unvaulter will have a rounded skull --

Huge difference in length of time there are late bloomer Silkies which grow into a bigger crest but most show their form around 4 to 5 mos ---

The Silkie standards have pics of feet and you can get additional info from the Brown Egg Blue Egg web page ---

the idea is there shouldn't be touching lol a well placed Silkie foot give each toe equal room ---
thanks guys I see the slight mohawks forming now. If all 3 are roosters will they seem to get along when older? arent silkies nice and calm?
Jaynie, only one photo shows--looks like the codes are in the wrong place.

You can see vaulted skulls at hatching; crests take time. I have seen crests that are pretty scraggley when they start to grow in become quite full, and I have seen others that remain scraggley forever. I have buff boys who are late December hatches. Two months ago I was ready to give both away as PQ. They still have comb colour issues, but the scraggley crests of two months ago are now looking VERY nice. Their bodies are filling out.

By the same token I also have boys that have full crests at 3 months of age. You don't always know how they will progress.

Momtochicksandpups, what standards site?

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