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    Jul 18, 2014
    I live in a city that does not allow us to keep roosters. My 3 silkies are growing up and it is pretty clear to me that one is a rooster. Caldonia (now Caldon) my gray/white silkie began crowing not too long ago and while I am tempted to just try and keep him, I'm pretty uncomfortable with the idea of eating fertilized eggs. I have a friend that has many chickens outside the city and she said she is always up for a bantum rooster which is great for us, but I'm not too sure how this will work for him. I'm worried about if he will fit in, get picked on, have other silkies so pile up with at night. Am I over reacting??? I just hate to break up my little chicken family, but I feel like my hands are tied. Any advice or knowledge on how these transitions go?

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