Silkie roos- blue, lavendar & buff

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  1. Please email me if interested rather than hitting BIN and closing the auction. The price is per rooster. Paypal only The blue & lavendar have grown up together but not the buff. The temps may prevent shipping but I'd try to work with the potential buyer. The boys need homes or will go to the local swap in July.
    blue one is the best quality. Great shape, stocky build, proper dark eyes & comb, & great toe spacing. Only defect is 3 horns off his comb.
    lavendar roo is pet to breeder quality depending upon your needs. He has proper feet, eyes, comb, no DQs. Petite build and needs more overall mass & shape. Also have some chicks from this roo paired to a blue partridge hen.
    buff cockerel is pet quality. Beautiful buff color with some smut in tail/wings. Red comb, light eyes and bit too leggy & lean for me to retain.
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