Silkie roos need new home

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    Apr 2, 2011
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    These guys are approximately 5 mos old. I'm just not set up for the antics and crowing of roosters. Both these guy are good-natured. The buff is showing more testosterone behavior with the hens. The white one seems to just like to crow, though so far mostly in the morning with the occasional afternoon yodel. These are free for pick-up only from my home in the GA mountains (Union County near NC line). Don't have to go together. Would like to see pics of where they will be living.

    The buff one is Senor Pantaloon, the white is King Louie. They are both from Brown's Feed Store in Blue Ridge. A chicken friend gave these to me (though I helped pick them) and they were so petite for their age that we had high hopes for hens. Alas....
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    can you deliver

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