Silkie roos - when do they mature?


10 Years
Aug 25, 2009
Quebec, Canada
My two boys are about 6 or 7 months (I think), they make loud screeching sounds and I've only ever heard them crow about twice. They are big and fluffy and love to strut around...


They get b*tch-smacked by the hens and are mostly afraid of them! I've seen a few girls chasing the roos around, flapping their wings in their faces and pulling their neck feathers off nastily

Is this normal?

Will my roos ever become self-confident, respected rulers of the flock? Are they just too young yet?

Thank you...
Silkies are big whimps IMO but so sweet so I have many of them
I find I have to keep my silkies separate from my laying hens. Are they with laying hens? Please don't tell me they are being ***** slapped by SILKIE hens?
LOL yes they hang out with laying hens who are a year older and have just joined the flock, took less than 5 minutes and the roos were being pushed around and pecked on!

Doesn't last long but man, what weenies

Maybe because they weigh nothing and are half the size of the hens?

ps: i only have one silkie hen and she ignores the roos...
Oh whew! I was worried that they were REALLY big "chickens" lol I would think they will all get used to each other and when the roos get older hopefully they will begin to hold their ground. I think free ranging really the hens something to do rather then pick on the roos. Good luck!

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