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    been bitten by the silkie/showgirl bug bigtime![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] .. been hatching over the summer and still going at it .. i can find homes for the extras in a heartbeat, and have already, but i get donor's remorse quickly [​IMG] ..obviously, i want mostly hens in my flock in progress, but i'd like to have a pen of 'roos only' as well ... i've got some separated from the girls for the time being until the girls are old enough and ready .. .

    what's the max number of roos to be comfortably and healthily kept together in an 8 by 8 pen? can let 'em free range .. feral cat colony would wipe 'em out instantly..

    all input appreciated!
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    Sep 11, 2011
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    idk about ur question but could u post pictures of your showgirls here are 2 of mine. i know my cockerels pretty bad considering selling him they are 4 monthes old. i LOVE them
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