Silkie Rooster 5 months old and a little s**t

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    I own a large cochin rooster and his 5 girls, raised up from hatchling, one silkie rooster (5 months old) and he has 3 girlfiend silkies. raised from hatchling. Every one gets along so far.
    The two roosters are fine around each other. Each rooster have had their time to show aggression towards family members. My cochin rooster likes to at times, threaten my grown daughter and son but I'm the boss. The little silkie rooster is trying to intimidate everyone including me! I snatch him up and pet him everytime. I remind him I'm his mother. I thought silkies were suppose to be sooooo sweet. Mine act just like chickens. Of course, all come running when they think there's treats.
    Will he get a better attitude and at what age do silkies start laying and will the roosters inter breed.? [​IMG] That would be too funny.
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    There are a number of proactive methods of raising a rooster - just search "rooster attacks" in the search bar for more info. I know this is not just my point of view, but no cockerel should be attacking you or your family (the damage caused by rooster attacks are alarming) and the slow cooker would be a typical response. As i mentioned, search any thread on rooster problems and you will find a wealth of information / opinions on what you could do.

    I had a similar problem, but the more reading i did, the more i realised that it was more likely it was my lack of knowledge that caused the problem and not the rooster. I ate that one, but made sure that i treated my second rooster in a very different manner and all was well.

    He may calm down when he's over a year old and his hormones are more regular.

    Sorry, i have no experience with Silkies so i will leave that to someone else.

    Good luck whatever you decide

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