Silkie Rooster and Mille Fleur D'uccle Roosters in need of a new home (Port Orchard, WA)


7 Years
Jun 23, 2012
So I ended up with too many roosters for my coop (5 boys and 19 girls), and now I need to find a hope for 1-3 of my boys. The silkie boy is the dominant one, but the two Mille Fleurs are having trouble accepting that, so I'm thinking I should find a new home for all three of them. The Mille Fleurs are brothers, and were raised together, so I'd like to send them to one home (they both do really well together, and I've never seen them fight), but I can separate them if I need to.

The silkie (who is black and clean faced) can go with them, but I think he might be better off in a different home, as he fights with both the Mille Fleurs, and actually left one of them with a rather bloody comb (I looked, and the comb is still fully intact, but I don't want them to continue fighting...)

The sooner these boys go, the better, as I'm currently keeping the silkie boy in a cardboard box in the garage, and I'll need to figure something out when night falls, as our dog sleeps in the garage...

Anyone in the Western Washington area looking for some lovely Mille Fleurs or a large black silkie?

Pictures upon request. I will not ship them, but I might consider meeting someone part-way, depending on how far away they are...

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