Silkie rooster attacks new hen

Jennifer Cattel

Aug 29, 2017
I have a rescue hen that I have quarantined for about 2 months now. She was in her own pen that was next to my 3 silkies (2 roasters and a hen). My rescue (Betty) is just so sweet. I tried to introduce her to my silkies. At first it was fine, 2 came over pecked a bit then went about their business. My less dominate rooster seemed mad, he went after her and then my other rooster joined in. It didn’t seem to pecking order procedure but a full on attack. Since I was there I just scooped betty up and put her back in her pen. I have tried a few more times over several days but this one rooster just seems to hate her. Any thoughts? I have tried vicks on her neck, pecking the rooster with my finger to show I am the leader but nothing seems to work. I don’t want to leave betty in by herself as she loves to be out in the main coop but I can’t bare to have her get hurt either.
How old is the new chicken? How old are the three Silkies? Maturity levels can have a big effect on integration.

When the pullet was quarantined for two months could they all see each other?

How big is your coop, in feet or meters? How big is your run, in feet or meters. How are the two connected, do they have access to both when these attacks occur. Is there a specific place or time the attacks occur? What did the attack look like, was it an attack or mating behavior?

It is hard to know what is going on over the internet. In some ways it sounds like your lower-ranking boy is jealous of his position and doesn't want a new chicken kicking him even further down in the pecking order. But that is just one possibility.

I don't now what the best way for you to proceed is. The more you can tell us the more likely we will be able to figure out something. My first thought is to lock up the Silkie boy causing the trouble and see if the others can get along. Might work, might not. But that is just a wild guess, I don't knw what the real problem is.

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