Silkie Rooster Has a Swollen Toe: What could cause this?

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  1. jta In Iowa

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    Jul 28, 2010
    My Silkie rooster, Jake, has a swollen toe. Vet thought maybe mites and treated him with Antibiotics and shots but the toe is still pink and swollen. Vet is not a chicken expert. The toe nail fell off. Does anyone know what might be causing it and how to treat it? He was this way when we got him, it gets bigger and smaller with cold water soaks- causes him to limp at times because it hits on the spur.
  2. Kanga77510

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    Oct 10, 2009
    Santa Fe, TX
    It almost looks like he has an extra toe? I'm not a expert on silkies, but my red sex links have four toes.

    Did he get a stick in the foot and it's swollen up like that? I don't know, but I'll bump the thread for you.
  3. Sonoran Silkies

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    Jan 4, 2009
    Tempe, Arizona
    All silkies (and faverolles, houdans, dorkings and sultans) have 5 toes per foot. I recommend soaking the foot in a warm to hot water, epsom salts and white vinegar solution. Clean and soften the feet and toes. I don;t see evidence (or lack thereof) of mites, and an antibiotic will have no effect on mites. It will have an effect, at least hopefiully, on infection, which seems likely.

    Probably need to trim the spur. What does the top of the foot look like?
  4. OhMyItsAndyy

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    Dec 22, 2009
    West England
    I really don't know what that is, try some anti biotics, if its infected they should hopefully work.
    If the spur is irritating the swelling, i'd say cut it down. Saves the little guy limping.
    Hope someone can help more though, sorry
    He is gorgeous though [​IMG]
  5. henney penny

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    Nov 21, 2009
    Northern Maine
    What about bumble foot?
  6. MuranoFarms

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    Nov 14, 2009
    Boyers, Pa
    Quote:Bumble foot would have a scab or black spot I believe. Maybe something poked under the nail and caused on infection. Did the soak help?

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