Silkie rooster? I think he's a rooster. Is he a rooster?

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May 18, 2008
Or is it still too early to tell? I was hoping for a female, but lately there have been a few signs and I'm not so sure. First and most obvious is the big, swept back mohawk, but it's still new and coming in and I don't know it will stay that way? But also when I let 'him' mingle with my quail, the males don't like him near the females and get rather aggressive but Big Bird fights right back. I figure a female would be more flighty and run away, right?

It doesn't really matter, I'll love him just the same even if he can't give me eggs, but I'm very curious! I'd never even seen a Silkie until I saw BYC so I'm clueless to the signs.





I would say hen... I have 4 that are about 9 weeks. Your's looks like my 3 hens. My roo is showing waddles already and his tail feathers are curling while my hens are sticking straight out.
I will have my hubby take some pics of my girls and my roo so you can see the difference (at least in mine). Will post as soon as I have them.

My girls stand their ground and I have one bully... she thinks she is the queen.

Daphne is very adorable. How many do you have?

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Daphne is my only chicken. I have 2 mated pairs of Coturnix quail that she hangs with in the yard when the weather is nice. And yeah, she isn't shy at all and is boss of EVERYTHING, which is why I thought she might be male. I need to teach her some manners because if I'm eating anything at all when she's around, she jumps on my shoulder and tries to steal it right out of my mouth! And my poor dog is terrified of her. hehe!

Watch out... they are addictive. My mom has a little silkie that go so attached, she follows her up and down the stairs. Tires herself out just trying to keep up with my mom.


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