Silkie Rooster in MN needs new home ASAP! Located in MN/western WI

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    Feb 20, 2009
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    Dr. PIB (Pain In Butt) needs a new home. I sold him to my neighbor a year ago and he has since started terrorizing his daughter. I took him back but I don't have a place for him. Right now he is in my goat pen because I just can't have five roosters in my coop. He can't stay there long because it is not set up for chickens. He isn't scary unless you are small or scared of chickens. He hasn't threatened me since I've had him, so I think that it is just certain people that he thinks he can terrorize. He just jumps up on kids. Lol. He really is beautiful. We couldn't believe how white he is! The only default is that he has a single comb, but he really is nice looking. If you are tolerant enough he would make an unique good addition to someones flock. I don't have pics right now but I can get some if you really want some.

    Pick up only. I won't ship. No exceptions. Sorry.
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