Silkie rooster not unresponsive


May 11, 2020
My silkie rooster not responsive when went out to give e evening scratch and he was laid over on the ground kinda like he was gone but not totally gone he in an area where he is with 2 other silkie roster and my male duck big area though not sure if he got attacked by any other of my birds in their or another critter nailed him but no blood on him but a wing kinda messed up looking like scuffles up not sure what's up he my buddy I got him in the house with me chilling in a little crate open front and I covered top to keep it darkish for him not sure what to do but to do my best I can think of.. any ideas of what I'm kind da lostish
How is your silkie boy doing? Is there sign of any injury? You can add electrolytes and vitamins to his water (nutradrench or similar). Good you brought him in, important to keep him warm and quiet. Is he eating and drinking?

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