Silkie Rooster To A Good Home Pick-Up Only in California

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  1. wolftracks

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    Nov 6, 2009
    I bought a trio of Silkies a while back and this is the roo that was part of it.
    Truthfully I have not even a decent idea of what I need in my Silkies, but I do know he is pet quality.
    OK, I think he is pet quality.
    He is sweet though and some of my rougher roos plucked the back part of his head so bad I was a little worried about him. He's upset about losing his girls, but he'll sit on my lap and cluck at me when I'm out with the birds.
    I have too many roos as it is, so I need to start weeding them out. I'm bad at letting them go.
    If you can give him a good home I will give him to whoever wants him.
    I just got rid of 3 last month that were not as nice as him and I charged 10 bucks each, so someone please come and love him.

    I can't download any pics to my laptop right now, but I can send a pic from my phone to your email or phone if you want to see him.
  2. Rachel's Hobby Hatchery

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    Jul 16, 2010
    North West Michagan
    I would gladly take him, if I lived anywhere near you. Sorry [​IMG]

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