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    I have several roosters and cockerels available. Please Do Not Hit The Buy It Now, Just PM I will remove them as they sell. I am overrun with rooster right now. I allow pickups too. I am willing to accept offers on these boys within reason. I need to move them. All have the correct amount of toes unless otherwise stated. All have had the Mereks, & coryza Vaccine.

    Shipping: $55.00

    Split Lavender Cockerel: Correct amount of toes. 3.5 months old- $10.00

    Split Lavender Cockerel: Correct amount of toes. 4 Months old- $10.00

    Paint Cockerel: Correct amount of toes. 4 months old-$90.00

    10 Standard Ameraucana Cockerels: 4 weeks old -$2.00 Each (these are old pics when they were younger.)

    8 Standard Rhode Island Red Cockerels: 6 weeks old- $2.00 each (these are old pics from when they were a couple days old)

    Partridge Rooster: 6 Toes on one foot. Blind in one eye. 2 yrs old-$25.00
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