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    Jun 30, 2010
    I have several silkie roosters that need new homes. They range in age from aprox 7mo to 11/2 yrs old. They all have 5 toes and nice feet. Good feathering some of them the tails are rough from being pulled on from the other roosters. Email me if you are interested i can also get more pictures and email them to you. I can ship but please make sure it is not to hot in your area.
    These will be paypal transactions
    I only ship in the US and NO VIRGINIA, HAWAII, ALASKA Shipping may need to be adjusted if it is more

    This guy is typey, wide, has excellent feet and feathering, dark comb. He is aprox 7 months old. He does have a few hard feathers in his tail but when his tail is grown in you hardly see that, very long fine saddle feathers. His color is blue with silver leakage throughout His breeding is gray and blue part

    This guy is equally as nice but has a smaller crest and less leakage same age breeding is gray blue part

    The columbian colored cockeral is actually a gray with blue breeding in him. He is a little light in the face but not red he also has nice feet. He is the oldest at aprox 11/2 and is a proven breeder. He will give you nice gray or blue depending on the color of your hen.

    I have a few more but have to get pictures.
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