Silkie, Rosecomb Bantam, Black Cochin, White Cochin(6months)

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    Oct 25, 2012
    Horsham, Pa
    Hello! I have Roos that need a new home, I was told I had all hens.. [​IMG]

    Well I cannot have any Roos, so these guys need a new home! Asking for $5 per bird to make up a little feed cost,born October 26th 2012, they are crowing. I would maybe be able to ship them to you, but as I am new to having chicks, you would have to tell me the best way to ship them and pay the shipping costs.

    the 4th white cochin, is about 6 months old, very calm and friendly boy! Sits on my lap and everything!

    Not sure what else to tell you, if you have any question please ask. Thanks for looking :)
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