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9 Years
May 22, 2010
I need to seriously reduce the numbers of birds I have right now, so am seeking good homes for some very nice birds at very reasonable prices. I have a number of birds to be placed into special homes and don't want to use CL for these placements, so if you are local and want to adopt a special needs Silkie, please pm or email me. I have the following available:
Silkie chicks: $2-$5, pet quality or oddball colors from my lavender and/or paint breedings
Free cockerels, most are at least BQ, but not SQ
2 silver/blue/cinnamon pullets from one of my lavender/porcelain projects, $20 each
Free pet quality juvenile porcelain pair (not breeding quality)
Several breeding quality roosters that I've kept as back up breeders, most of these are whites
A lav/lav split breeding group consisting of lav split hens and 2 lavender roosters
Three 6 month old special needs pullets, a lav, a silver gened white and a blue. These girls have minor neurological problems and are FREE, but must go to a special non-breeding home UPDATE - THESE GIRLS HAVE BEEN PLACED:)
Probably have some others I'm not think of right now, pm if you are looking for something in particular. These birds are pick up ONLY. I am in southwest Washington state, northeast of Vancouver and the Portland metro area.

Here are the 3 free special needs pullets:

Free lavender split cockerel: Update, rehomed, no longer available

silver/blue/cinnamon pullet from lav/porclain project

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Sorry, have done an edit - I'm in southwest Washington state, northeast of the Vancouver/Portland metro area:)

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